In an over-saturated world that is moving faster and faster, my paintings are an invitation to stop, to reconnect, and to value our human experience. I believe that by slowing us down and opening space, art gives us the power to step through a portal into the present moment and heal ourselves. My purpose as an artist is to create that space with symbols and metaphors that water our seeds of peace, love, and understanding.

About the Artist

Eduardo Elizalde Brizuela was born in Cuba in 1987 and moved to Costa Rica when he was 8 years old.

Early in his life, he showed an interest in drawing. Surrounded by the creative environment of his mother´s art and books, he developed a deep passion for the arts.

After finishing high school, Eduardo studied graphic design and worked professionally as a designer for 12 years. In 2015, he visited ¨El Prado¨ in Madrid. As he stood in front of works by Rembrandt, Velázquez and other artists, he felt a powerful opening in his chest like a whirlpool. Speechless and deeply touched after this experience, he started to paint, and a new world opened to him.

He went to study classical painting at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy and graduated with honors in just 1.5 years, half the typical duration of the program. Eduardo´s education did not end there. He is always studying old masters and new contemporary approaches and exploring new things. Art for him is a platform with infinite possibilities. His profession gives him the power to communicate, inspire, heal, and spread awareness.

¨If I touched your mind or your heart with one of my paintings, then, I did a good job¨

For Eduardo, art it's not just about looking for aesthetic form, but is also a process of creating metaphors that reach into places beyond words.

At 33, Eduardo is building a reputation as an artist in Costa Rica. He has taught various workshops both in the region and internationally, and has founded an academy of art to encourage young artists to follow their vocation. He is full of love and enthusiasm for his craft and committed to his vision.


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